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Bike Stories

Starting out

I got my first two-wheeler bicycle when I was 23. As a child, I had only ever ridden a bike when we visited family friends, the Feiths, who were avid cyclists. I bought a Gitane unisex bike so that the frame wouldn't be so scary, and it had 10 gears with the gear levers and brakes positioned on the handlebars such that I wouldn't have to let go of them while riding. I committed to riding the 10 km to and from uni no matter what the weather to justify purchasing a good bike before I had learnt how to ride.

Twenty years later, it is worth reflecting that cycling is now a central feature of my life. I still commute via bicycle quite frequently and have done so in Melbourne, Brisbane, New York City and Kingston Ontario since I got my first bike. I have owned 6 bikes in the last 20 years, 3 of which I still have, 2 of which I sold to people who loved them dearly, and one of which (a mountain bike) I rarely used, since I don't have the appropriate level of bravado or skill to enjoy off-road riding.

Over time, I have been on a number of short and long recreational cycling trips, some of which are recorded in my cycling photo gallery. I've never really considered myself a "serious cyclist" (I don't belong to a club, or race or do Audax rides), but I've certainly enjoyed my riding over the years.

From 1984 to 1988, I lived in Brisbane, New York and Canada, and although I did quite a bit of cycling, I was unpartnered and so I tended not to have any photographic evidence of my adventures (it's hard to photograph yourself while riding !!!)