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Bike Stories

Day tours with a toddler, 1990

In 1990, after returning to Melbourne, I finally got another bike - a mountain bike with very low gearing so I could carry Krista on the bike. Although I bought my bike elsewhere, we lived close to Open Road Cycles, and thus began a long and rewarding friendship with Trevor and Betty King, the proprieters of this bike shop, who have been the main source of our cycling equipment in the past 10 years.

John and I regularly commuted to Monash on our bikes with Krista in the bike seat, and in 1990, we went on a camping trip to Central Australia with Krista and our bikes. We carried the bikes for many many hundreds of kilometres and one of our pleasant rides was from our camping ground to Uluru and around the base of the Rock.

FJ55 loaded with bikes, 1990
John and Krista on the road to Uluru, 1990
Krista on the road to Uluru, 1990
John at Uluru, 1990

Our cycling exploits encouraged us to enter the Great Victorian Bike Ride for the first time in 1991. In order to train for the ride, we did lots of regular weekend rides with a number of different people. Krista became quite the little cyclist (albeit on a bike seat rather than pedalling herself).

Krista in her cycling gear, 1991
John and Kris at the Boathouse, 1991
Mel and Deb on the way to Boathouse, 1991
Touring the wineries at Rutherglen, 1991
Sampling the wine near Rutherglen, 1991