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Food - things I like to make

This page is something I always think I'll update, but never get around to it ...perhaps I'll turn it into a blog !!

And as I begin another iteration of my website, and another iteration of my random cooking immersion, I realize that many of the things I now make and do in the food world are so easy because the information is at my fingertips (literally) all the time. No longer do I need to find someone who knows stuff and see if they'll tell me, but I can just go read it all on a blog somewhere and find out from WikiHow what I did wrong and how to fix common mistakes. So it is actually almost time to start blogging these things just so I remember what I found out and where it was on the internet.

sushi bread
  • Sushi - this is what I used to do back before sushi was a "thing". Gradually we got out of the habit, especially as sushi became ubiquitous.
  • Coffee - again, this was before the coffee culture blossomed. While there are now Instagram feeds and food bloggers galore, this page was written when blogging was not yet a "thing" and competitive cooking had not hit prime time TV!