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Day 4 - Rest Day in Bright

How wonderful to wake up in a comfortable bed, luxuriate in it for a while, then have a nice warm shower in a shower with a screen in a bathroom with a door ... Surprisingly, a good night's sleep led to Krista waking reasonably early, and we decided to wander down to the Cosy Kangaroo to try to locate Sophie and Dave. The Cosy Kangaroo was Sophie/Dave-less, but rather full of VicRoads people, so we took a table outside and enjoyed an indulgent breakfast of bacon and eggs (me) and pancakes (Kris). We watched a group of about 30 cyclists heading off towards Mount Buffalo for their rest-day jaunt, with Crackers Keenan giving them a piece of his mind about their sanity. Just as I was into my second cup of coffee, Dave came strolling down the street with his newspaper (Sophie was back at camp reading Dolly) and we arranged to reconvene at the Cosy Kangaroo with Tim and Nicola and Sophie and Dave at a more respectable brunching/lunching hour.

Krista and I wandered off with Dave to check out Bright's street fair. It was fairly quiet, with a scooter race and some market-type stalls, but Krista's overall assessment was "Old Peoples' Town" and so we wandered back to our motel for a bit of a rest before lunch.

We spent a pleasant lunchtime eating, drinking and soaking in the passing parade of cyclists. The girls went off to check out the street fair, and eventually ended up at their respective tents/motel for a restful afternoon. David and I wandered down along the river in the sunshine - it was very peaceful, very relaxing and an excellent opportunity to while away the time in idle conversation. A large congregation of young people were swimming in the river and the atmosphere around the swimming hole was very vibrant. We followed a walking track in the general direction of the campsite and motel, and eventually wound up at our respective destinations with an arrangement to meet for dinner later in the evening.

Krista and I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the motel pool, and I very virtuously did all my washing and had it dry for packing before we headed off for dinner of fish and chips with Sophie and Dave. We walked back to camp with them so that we knew where their tent was, I checked on our luggage (which I had left wrapped in a tarp by Luggage Truck 5) and then we walked home, tired but relaxed after an enjoyable rest day but with our minds focussed on an early departure for our 115 km Day 5.