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Day 5 (Bright - Whitfield, 115 km pretty flat)

Ride Guide Map

Elevation map for day 5

It was hard to wake up after a day of rest and walking rather than riding. But we did, and with the same ambivalence of the previous days - 115 kms - will we be able to make it? We left the motel and arrived at the camp ground at around 7:00 am, and Sophie and David finished their breakfast while I went and packed our bags properly and loaded luggage on the truck. We set off together at about 7:30 with a sense of purposefulness in both the girls, and quiet confidence from both parents.

The day was very pleasant, and both girls rode strongly through the very beautiful countryside. David and I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the riding, whereas the girls were more focussed on their ability to complete the distance. We rode in various permutations and combinations, absorbed in conversation or immersed in our own thoughts or sometimes both. We had a pleasant lunch at Milawa, but kept on moving and as the day progressed, there was an increasing sense of achievement bubbling to the surface even through the impending tiredness.

The last leg from Moyhu to Whitfield was gritty riding as the full force of 115 km started to catch up with weary leg muscles, but we arrived at Whitfield with the glow of success at 3:08 pm - an excellent effort from Krista and Sophie, and their first ever cycling ton.

David and I collected our respective luggage and we both noticed a slight lack of coherence and coordination in our unpacking and setting up - perhaps we were almost as tired as the girls? It was strangely gratifying to find that we beat Tim and Nicola and Andrew (a colleague) into camp since in general they were riding more strongly than Krista and me, so it added to the overall sense of achievement.

Having showered and recovered a bit from our efforts, Sophie and David braved the phone lines to try to ring Lindell, and Krista and I found space on the grass at the Whitfield pub where we listened to music, had some of the barbecue platter and some chips, and a drink or two. With food inside and rehydrated, the girls went to bed, and David and I had a cup of tea / coffee, absorbed the evening air for a short while and in the absence of anything more exciting to do retired to our respective tents where we were serenaded by the Painters and Dockers at the Whitfield pub until just on midnight.