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Current Research

I am a cognitive neuroscientist, psychologist, and online learning specialist with an interest in taekwon-do, web stuff, cycling, indoor soccer and sundry other things. All these things have informed my current research activities mostly undertaken with James Quealy which form the major component of

Pre-1997 Research and Teaching

I used to be a neuroscientist and I lectured in psychology at Monash University. I left this role at the end of 1997. My website at that time has been archived here as a record of my professional life until 1997.

1997 - 2003 Web Work

From 1998 - 2001, I undertook a Masters in Web and Internet Technology at RMIT, and in 2001, I returned to Monash University to work in what is now the Web Resources and Development Group as their acting team leader, and then as a web applications and eLearning person. I left this role In June 2003, and briefly went to work with AIMTec before taking up my current role in Online Learning in the medical faculty of the University of Melbourne.

2004 - Current Research

My current specialisation is in web and internet tools to facilitate online learning. I have a particular interest in collaborative work tools, and am exploring their use in teaching and research.