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Preamble - note that this has not been updated in content since late 1997

My major focus in research has been in sensory neuroscience, specifically in audition. I have been funded by the NH&MRC and by the ARC Small Grants scheme (see Monash University Research Office) for this work. I have worked at Monash with Dexter Irvine and Ramesh Rajan, and have spent time at University of Queensland with Mike Calford and Jack Pettigrew, at City College of the City University of New York , NY with Josh Wallman, and at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario with Barrie Frost. I was a visiting scholar with Mal Semple at the Center for Neural Science at NYU in 1996.

Recently, I have also dabbled in research in cognitive science and computer-assisted learning. I held a CAUT grant with Jenny Redman for development of an Expert System Statistical Tutor for Psychology Undergraduates. I was part of a project team with support from the Multimedia Small Grants Scheme for integrating the web into undergraduate programs.

Current Research Projects

Summary of projects I have worked on

Miscellaneous research-related links

My list of research links is not always up-to-date and is by no means exhaustive - it is like a snapshot of my bookmark file in case I am working from different locations.
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