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Preamble - note that this has not been updated since late 1997

Much of my life from 1990 - 1997 was spent coordinating and teaching second year psychology lab-stream students. By 1997, there were 26 4-hour lab classes per year with a significant computer-based component of the course. I also taught in the third year Cognitive Neuroscience option with Greg Yelland in which we undertook the associated lab class in building a rule-based expert system as an exploration of whether rule-based models of cognition are plausible. Psychology undergraduate teaching programs have been significantly overhauled recently and information on this can be found on our Psychology Information Page for Students.

Recent Teaching-related Responsibilities

I was also been involved in the Schools Liaison "Talks to Schools" Taskforce run by the Faculty of Science. I have presented talks to schools on

Teaching-related presentations

Miscellaneous teaching-related sites

This is a list of sites directly or indirectly related to teaching and computers. I am in the process of organising this material more coherently (and will probably remain in this state, as befits the keeper of a Web site :-)
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