USMA vs ITDF Tournament

Today we had our inter club tournament – the first time I’ve been in a tournament outside our club. Patterns were pretty scary – I’m not very good at them anyway, but I also haven’t trained properly for a couple of weeks, and I haven’t practiced patterns in a long time. Still, Tim and I were on together, and we both performed correctly, even if we weren’t graceful and full of sinewave …

I was a bit surprised to find I was in the 50 kg and over individual women’s sparring, despite having only volunteered to fill up numbers in team sparring if required. My round was against a young blue-belt which I guess wasn’t too scary, and although I scored a few good points, I lost. I was grateful to fight well and lose cos I would not have enjoyed fighting the people left 🙂

The women’s powerbreaking had 8 entrants, 3 black belts, 2 red belts, 2 blue belts and a white belt. We had to do side kick, turning kick and knifehand strike. I cracked 2 boards for both the side kick and knifehand, and broke a board and cracked 2 for the turning kick. I ended up coming second, which I was really pleased with, although I would have preferred to have broken all of the boards 🙂

It was a pretty good day all round … even though some of the sparring was a bit willing …

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