Web brown-bag lunch

Today there is a web brown-bag lunch on blogging where a number of us will give brief presentations on our use of blogs. My blog is somewhat bursty, and lately the bursts have been driven by outside pressures such as this presentation, or The Age article on blogging.

As I’ve mentioned previously (and Stephen Downes says much more eloquently somewhere in a guide to writing a blog), the important thing about writing a blog is actually having something to say.

The sort of blogging that is probably most relevant to my academic work is writing about ideas stimulated by the things I’m reading. The act of writing brings out whether or not the ideas have legs or not, and reminds me at a later date how some of my better-thought-out writing began.

And this brings me to the simultaneous strength and weakness of blogging: this “article” for want of a better description, is poorly structured and unfocussed and probably should not be “published”. However, it is a quick placeholder for the sort of things I might want to elaborate on at the lunchtime presentation, and it has taken about 5 minutes to put together.

And while I was looking for Stephen Downes’ article on blogging, instead I found his 10 Rules for Being Successful in general which is probably way more interesting if somewhat broader.

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