A random update

It’s a long time since I updated anything online, but this site (and all others that I manage or contribute to) has/have not been abandoned. October and November were seriously busy work-wise, but the content was for client reports, not public consumption. Hopefully between now and February, much of the background science will be elaborated here.

The has also been a change of government in Australia, and hopefully a change of direction to a more inclusive, more compassionate society with more sense of social responsibility and integrity. I am following with interest how the Rudd / Gillard team will address education – I’m sure they have excellent intentions, but I suspect they will focus on the wrong things (all those things you can see, measure, direct and optimise) rather than having the courage to focus on fostering a desire to learn in our young children and trusting that by allowing curiousity and creativity to flourish (within loose rather than tight boundaries), good citizenship will emerge. This does not mean that we let students be the judge of what they need to know and what is relevant for their future intellectual development. We also need to ensure basic foundations in languages, literacy, numeracy and physical education. Technology and the internet provide tools and resources for learning, but do not replace discipline-based teaching, learning and research.

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