Academic freedom of expression at The University of Melbourne

Standing Resolutions of Council – Chapter 4 – General Resolutions Including Protocols : The University of Melbourne.

seems to have been replaced by this during the “Policy simplification project”

It’s a sad reflection on Australian academia that this needs to be stated clearly, but it is refreshing that it has been. (and it’s a sad reflection on my writing that I no longer know what specific point was being made, due to the link no longer being active – note to self, make sure that writing of commentary includes the key point being identified!)

2 thoughts on “Academic freedom of expression at The University of Melbourne”

  1. I’m not that impressed with “responsibilities” section, particularly the three levels of caveat (“should consider”, “whether it is reasonable”, “in the circumstances”) to the issue of whether academics can link their comments to their association with the university!

  2. It all rests on the definition of what constitutes one’s area of expertise … and that is a whole nuther can of worms (you’ll note I have expertise in the use of English in-fixes, although I’m not sure that the spelling is correct :-))

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