New ideas, new blogs

Every few years, I get excitable about writing things and sharing information on the inter-web. As can be seen below, I seem to have bursts of activity every year or so in different places, and these soon peter out.

The most important aspect of blogging for me is to have something to say that will still be worth reading in days or weeks or years, and that what I have to say is not totally a product of the emotional/contextual circumstances of the time of writing. I mostly write for me, and my original motivation for keeping my material on a website was so it was easily accessible for me, irrespective of what computer I was currently using and where I was working from. The added motivation has also been in terms of sharing my thoughts without imposing them on anyone – you can come and read my writing anytime you like, and you can see my ideas on various topics if you want but there is no need for us to reach any shared consensus, and there is no need for me to make assumptions about what you find interesting, or for me to decide who will want to read my content. Similarly, I am not leaving anyone out – it’s on the web so anyone can read. Comments are limited purely because I don’t have a large audience and so there are more ads for inappropriate products that there is real dialogue.

Anyhow, my new “active” blog is the Digital Technologies and Training Lab site and the Motion Capture Lab site, which are both work-related sites focusing on digital technologies, training, cognitive skills, expert skilled performance and problem internet use. I’m not sure how much cross-posting I’ll be doing, since one of the focus areas of the expert skilled performance work involves martial arts, so all of my writing is in some sense “work-related”.

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